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School Capacity Analytics

Headshot Scott JoftusScott Joftus

Posted August 17, 2020


  • When students return to school in some capacity, how should facilities be optimally utilized to ensure student and staff safety and to facilitate high-quality instruction and supports?
  • How can staff be used differently to provide the best possible in-person and/or virtual instruction and supports?

Re-opening schools in the midst of the COVID pandemic is forcing leaders to answer these tough questions for understandably anxious and information-starved families, teachers, and other stakeholders. FourPoint can help by pulling data from a variety of sources, creating real-time and easy-to-read dashboards, providing recommendations based on the data, and drafting communications for key stakeholders. For more information, contact Scott Joftus at or (301) 524-2603.

Geographic Overview: Provides visibility into the impact of COVID-19 at multiple levels.

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Facilities Overview: Provides visibility into the pre-COVID-19 facilities portfolio.

Classroom Overview: Provides visibility into the pre-COVID-19 classroom inventory at available facilities.

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