How We Do It

We work collaboratively to help solve complex problems.


Technical Assistance and Coaching

FourPoint helps education leaders in schools, districts, colleges and universities, and nonprofits improve outcomes for children and youth by building system capacity and providing professional learning.

We support continuous improvement of programs and instruction by helping to manage the performance of key initiatives, and coach leaders to define indicators of success, track the progress of initiatives against those indicators, and make changes to implementation that will ensure success.


Analysis and Evaluation

All of FourPoint’s engagements begin with an assessment of the strengths and needs of the organizations using data analysis, interviews, surveys, community forums, and classroom observations.

We assess the impact and the processes of initiatives and strategies to conduct equity audits, school district reviews, and program evaluations, presenting data, findings, and recommendations in a way that is easily accessible and impactful.


Community Engagement

Improving outcomes for children, youth, and families requires a deep understanding of the context in which they live, work, and play.

It also requires the involvement of the children, youth, families, and other stakeholders to devise, implement and monitor strategies that will work.

Professional Learning Networks

Collaboration is more than something that is “nice to do”; it leads to improved outcomes.

A significant body of research has found that outcomes for children, youth, and families will improve faster and positively impact more individuals for longer periods of time when individuals and organizations work together in networks to solve problems, develop strategies for improvement, and track progress.

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What We Do

We help education organizations build coherent strategies, equip strong leaders, enable high-quality teaching and learning, and foster continuous improvement so that all students succeed.

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