What We Do

Supporting education leaders to strengthen school and system capacity.


FourPoint Education Partners helps education leaders from the PreK through college, government, nonprofit, and philanthropic communities build capacity to more effectively support students through strategy and system building, college and career pathways, finance and sustainability, and community schools and expanded learning opportunities.

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Strategy and System Building

Fostering coherence for equity and impact.

FourPoint conducts needs assessments, develops strategic plans, supports continuous improvement, and coaches education leaders.

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College and Career Pathways

College and Career Pathways

Providing options and supports to maximize student potential.

FourPoint engages stakeholders, conducts landscape analyses, helps coordinate resources and programming, and coaches education leaders.

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Finance and Sustainability

Aligning resources to fuel student success.

FourPoint analyzes budgets and spending, aligns resources with goals, identifies new sources of funding, and assesses the impact of investments.

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Community Schools and Expanded Learning

Community Schools and Expanded Learning

Coordinating resources to support student and family success.

FourPoint helps schools and communities work especially and strategically together to improve outcomes for children and youth.

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Our Clients

We help leaders across sectors and the country achieve their goals. Our clients include districts of all sizes, state departments of education, city governments, foundations and nonprofits.

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