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Our clients include districts of all sizes, state departments of education, city governments, foundations and nonprofits.

Our reach is nationwide

Since 2004, we’ve been honored to support education leaders in 31 states and the District of Columbia to achieve their goals. Here's a sampling of our clients.


Berks County Community Foundation

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Conducting a supply and demand study for afterschool and summer programming in Reading, Pennsylvania. The study will inform future investments in afterschool programs.

C.S. Mott Foundation Logo

C.S. Mott Foundation

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Helped develop resources to support districts and other organizations seeking to expand learning time. This work involved identifying financing models for expanded learning time, documenting successful financing strategies that could be replicated in other places, and providing technical assistance to states and localities seeking to sustain expanded learning programs and policies. Also provided technical assistance to five states that were working to better align after school and early care activities. Finally, wrote Dollars and Sense: A First Look at Financing a New Day for Learning, a paper on financing strategies for expanded learning.

Ford Foundation Square Logo

Explored strategies for financing a longer school day in Oakland, California and Elizabeth, New Jersey. In Elizabeth, also provided support to the superintendent and her cabinet to explore budget options to direct additional expenditures toward key priorities, including expanded learning.

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Square Logo

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

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Provided support for six district grantees to deepen and sustain their work in support of family, school and community partnerships. As part of this work, coached each district through the development of a long-term budget and a set of strategies to increase funding for successful partnerships through resource reallocation and the identification of additional public and private funds. Also, developed a policy scan of expanded learning in the state of Connecticut.

Nellie Mae Education Foundation Logo

Nellie Mae Education Foundation

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Provided support to the Foundation’s leadership team as they implemented their District Level Systems Change initiative, which creates opportunities to expand student-centered learning approaches. This included supporting the foundation in selecting grantees and working with grantees to develop sustainability strategies for continuing their work as grant funding sunset. Also reviewed proposals for a new cohort of grantees to assess the potential for long-term sustainability of student-centered learning approaches.


The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

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Developed the Playbook for Redesigning Schools for the 21st Century based on lessons learned by San Jose Unified School District’s efforts to redesign a handful of schools starting in 2012. The Playbook guides district and school leaders through the process of developing a clear and coherent vision for change and then designing and managing that change.

Wallace Foundation Logo

Wallace Foundation

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Supported a multi-year project to provide technical assistance on governance, finance and sustainability to the Wallace Foundation’s Next Generation After School Systems Building Initiative. Supported nine cities as they strengthened their afterschool infrastructure, implemented quality enhancements and expanded OST programming. Also, developed an assessment framework and process for identifying and strengthening alignment with the Common Core State Standards for members of the Expanded Learning Opportunities Professional Learning Community.


Districts, States, and Local Governments

Arkansas Department of Education Logo

Arkansas Department of Education

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Worked with the Arkansas Department of Education and a consortium of six Arkansas districts to improve the use of data and technology in fostering whole-system improvement. Our firm conducted an evaluation of district and state implementation of and satisfaction with the statewide data system and provided recommendations to all stakeholders for improvements, including how to use data more effectively to inform the teaching and learning process.

Camden City School District Logo

Camden City Public Schools

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Helped the board craft a five-year strategic plan based on proven education models and influenced by FourPoint’s recommendations on program and technology improvements, financial modeling, and facilities planning. FourPoint also facilitated a planning process and developed plan drafts for stakeholder input and approval.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) Schools Logo

Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) Schools

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Worked with the district’s principal supervisors to develop a principal pipeline strategy.

Denver Public Schools Logo

Denver Public Schools

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Supported the district’s efforts to design and implement a new approach for principal recruitment and screening. Also, developed a vacancy model to help the district anticipate principal openings.


District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education

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Worked with OSSE to establish a Learning Network for DC’s 28 lowest-performing district and charter schools. Using this model, FourPoint provided coaching and support, helping Learning Network principals achieve growth rates that – on average – outpaced those of most other schools.

Fairfax County Logo

Developed a multi-year school readiness strategic plan with Fairfax County’s Office for Children and the County’s School Readiness Community Collaborative Council. The plan will allow the County and its partners to build on their efforts to ensure that families can access a network of high-quality early-learning programs and related supports.

Grand Island (NE) Public Schools Logo

Grand Island (NE) Public Schools

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Conducted a comprehensive review of the district’s systems and instructional practices and facilitated the development of a five-year strategic plan. Then supported the district to identify implementation priorities, build the capacity of central office and school leaders to execute them, and use data to manage school and district performance.

Hartford Public Schools Logo

Hartford Public Schools

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Monitoring implementation of reforms intended to safeguard children from abuse and neglect.

Hawaii Department of Education Logo

Hawaii Department of Education

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Worked with HIDOE to create its principal supervisor development and supervision model. As part of this work, helped HIDOE strengthen its leader recruitment and development strategies and improve the design of its principal preparation curriculum.

Hawaii Department of Education Logo

Hawaii Department of Education and Hawaii Charter School Commission

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In partnership with iResult, facilitating data-driven Networked Improvement Communities for leaders of schools designated as needing Comprehensive School Improvement. The aim of the NIC is to leverage leaders’ collective experiences to help each school make substantial gains in student learning.

hillsborough county public schools logo

Hillsborough County (FL) Public Schools

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Supported the district in developing a robust principal pipeline strategy and related screening and selection processes. Facilitated design sessions to develop a set of core principal competencies that serve as the foundation for all strategic talent management efforts aimed at ensuring an effective principal is at the helm of every school. Also, developed a vacancy model to help the district anticipate principal openings.

Jersey City Public Schools Logo

Jersey City Public Schools

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Conducted a comprehensive review of the district’s systems and practices and then facilitated the development of a new five-year strategic plan.

Kansas Department of Education Logo

Kansas Department of Education

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Partnered with KSDE to rethink the state’s approach to raising achievement and closing gaps in student learning, ultimately developing a Kansas Learning Network for the state’s lowest-performing schools and districts. For four years, worked with identified districts to review systems and practices, provide coaching and support, and convene leaders for shared learning. Evaluations of the Learning Network found that the model was highly valued by administrators and made a significant impact on student achievement in participating schools and districts.

LAUSD Charter School Special Needs Services Project Logo

LAUSD Charter School Special Needs Services Project

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Worked with 168 charter schools in LAUSD to examine the extent to which supports and services for students with special needs were in place, and whether those services were high quality, effective, and research based. Gaps in services were addressed by developing and implementing programs to serve a more comprehensive population of students with disabilities.

Los Angeles County Office of Education Logo

Los Angeles County Office of Education

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Trained staff on using our research-based classroom-walkthrough model and participated in a program review of a juvenile facility to determine educational needs and to make recommendations for improvements. Later, conducted a review of special education services being provided by the county to schools and local districts.

Metro Nashville Public Schools (TN) Logo

Metro Nashville Public Schools (TN)

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Helped the district’s board of education develop a tool and process to evaluate the superintendent as well as conduct an assessment of its own effectiveness.


Christopher Cross served as the senior advisor to the Nevada Education Reform Blue Ribbon Task Force appointed by Gov. Jim Gibbons in 2011. The work of that group led to the enactment of a set of reforms proposed by Gov. Brian Sandoval and enacted in 2013 and 2015. In addition, Cross served for several years as the counsel to the Nevada Council for Academic Standards.

Omaha Public Schools Logo

Omaha Public Schools

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Conducted a comprehensive needs assessment of the school district and facilitated the development of a new five-year strategic plan. Assisted the Superintendent as he developed and then implemented a new role within OPS to support principals. Also supported the assessment of the district’s human capital work and the development and implementation of a new principal pipeline strategy.

US Department of Education Logo

Race to the Top Technical Assistance Network

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Scott Joftus was the founding director of the Race to the Top Technical Assistance Network - an effort by the Obama Administration to support Race to the Top grantees in implementing Race to the Top reforms and achieving dramatic improvements in student outcomes. To achieve this goal, the Network was designed to be demand-driven and flexible to support multiple state and federal objectives, and adapted over time to ensure ongoing quality and relevance of services and resources.


Santa Clara County Office of Education

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As part of the master planning process, conducted a facilities study to ascertain the scope, nature, and needs of early learning facilities in the county and make recommendations to the planning council regarding the need for improvements or expansions of early learning facilities and child care.


Tulsa Public Schools

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Supported the transition of district schools into community schools to reduce students’ barriers to learning and fully meet their needs. To meet this objective, conducted a comprehensive analysis of student needs, school offerings, district and community resources, and the district’s strategic priorities, and then facilitated the development of a plan to provide students and their families with integrated services that will enable them to meet high academic standards.

Waukegan Public Schools Logo

Waukegan Public Schools

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FourPoint is working with principal supervisors and principals in Waukegan, IL, to support their development as instructional leaders. This includes developing a curricular framework, identifying and providing professional development opportunities, and providing regular coaching to support successful implementation by leaders and teachers across the district.

Wyoming Legislature Logo

Conducted a study of state-level educational governance for the state legislature. Focused on the relationship between the allocation of responsibilities and accountabilities and engaged stakeholders across the state in discussions of organizational structures that will enable strong leadership, clear guidance, and effective, timely support to schools and districts.



America Achieves Logo

Gave ongoing guidance and feedback to Hillsborough County Public Schools and Jefferson Parish Public Schools teams developing Race to the Top-District (RTT-D) applications. Participated in an initial meeting to support these and other superintendents in their early application designs.

Aspen Institute Leaf Logo

Partnered in the design, facilitation, and direction of the Senior Congressional Education Staff project, a series of seminars and meetings intended to increase understanding of education policy issues among key congressional staff members that was run for 13 years.

Change the Equation Logo

Change the Equation

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Developed links between major California school districts and companies that support high-quality programs in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math), with the specific objective of increasing the numbers of women and other underrepresented groups in these disciplines.

Communities in Schools Square Logo

Communities in Schools

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Provided support to CIS to help them better understand the challenges and opportunities in the current financing climate to support sustainability of current affiliates and further expansion of their model. This involved identifying financing issues affecting current affiliates and analyzing the implications of these issues for CIS’ plans to expand to new states and districts; identifying promising financing strategies that CIS affiliates can adapt and replicate; and building a forecasting model that the national office and its board will use to assess opportunities for growth and expansion over the next decade. Also, developed a set of budgeting principles and corresponding budgeting tools for CIS affiliates to use to improve financial practices and support. Finally, supported the national office in developing and updating costs estimates for CIS services and for exploring market opportunities exploring opportunities for expanding their impact.

Education Commission of the States Square Logo

Education Commission of the States

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Worked with the CEO to develop a strategic plan to enhance the role of education commissioners and helped implement a long-term strategy that collectively engages state policymakers in leading education transformation.

Higher Achievement Logo

Higher Achievement

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Helped to redesign the organization's after-school Math and ELA curriculum for 5th-8th grades to align with the Common Core State Standards and provided training to staff on how to deliver the new curriculum.


Developed a plan for a partnership of the district, city agencies and non-profits to expand and sustain afterschool programming in the city.

National Center on Time and Learning Logo

National Center on Time and Learning

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Conducted research to develop six finance profiles of expanded learning schools that focused on how schools/districts are financing their longer days. Produced a summary that looks at findings across the six schools.

National League of Cities Logo

National League of Cities

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Authored a series of policy briefs to help mayors mobilize resources to support expanded learning opportunities.

Newark Thrives! Logo

Developed a plan for creating a new afterschool network to improve access to quality program across the city. The work built on a landscape review and input from numerous community groups collected by FourPoint.

Providence Afterschool Alliance Logo

Providence Afterschool Alliance

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Provided tactical guidance on budgeting and sustainability to help position PASA to take advantage of new funding opportunities moving forward. This work was part of a larger three-year strategic planning process.


Say Yes to Education

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Christopher Cross serves as a key adviser to SYTE on matters of strategy. FourPoint also produced a video that demonstrates the power of the SYTE model in substantially increasing post-secondary completion for graduates of Syracuse public schools. In addition, Gene Maeroff, former national education correspondent for the New York Times, wrote a book documenting SYTE work in Syracuse.

United Way Square Logo

United Way Worldwide

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Supported staff in developing strategies and resources for the organization’s new education initiatives focused on older children and youth with an emphasis on dropout reduction. This involved collecting and analyzing data on current activities and capacities of local United Ways and developing strategies to expand this work over the next five years. Also developed and implemented a strategic plan for linking schools and community partners to expand learning from preschool through college.