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Finance and Sustainability

Improving resource use through stakeholder engagement, analysis, and strategic alignment

Aligning resources to fuel student success.

FourPoint analyzes budgets and spending, aligns resources with goals, identifies new sources of funding, and assesses the impact of investments.

Effective school districts, institutions of higher learning, and community-based nonprofits leverage limited dollars to maximize the impact on students’ and community members’ lives. Doing so requires a clear understanding of organizational goals and how to use resources equitably and effectively. It also requires organizations to look outside traditional sources of funding,integrate funds from different sources, assess the impact of investments on intended outcomes, and plan for scaling and sustaining successful programs.

FourPoint helps organizations analyze needs and budgets, engage stakeholders around difficult funding decisions, plan strategically, evaluate investments, and identify new sources of funding. Our priority in using resources and sustaining high-impact programs has been and will always be to maximize impact on those stakeholders who have traditionally been underserved.

“Our planning process supports clients to gain clarity around exactly what they want to finance, and how much that strategy will cost. With this information, they can make informed decisions about the best use of available resources and which opportunities to pursue to expand funding opportunities and sustain effective programming.”

Sharon Deich, FourPoint Education Partners

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