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Needs Assessments and Strategic Planning

Prioritizing practices that enable student success

FourPoint helps clients build coherence through needs assessments and strategic plans. Our needs assessments rely on in-depth analysis to show how a district, state, community or non-profit can leverage its strengths and address core challenges to achieve its education goals. We collect demographic, academic, contextual, operational, and perception data from a diverse set of stakeholders and then use root cause analysis to help our clients understand the full range of factors that enable or limit their success. Our analyses produce actionable data at multiple levels—allowing for a system-level view as well as a program- or school-level understanding of what’s working, what’s not and why. Our needs assessments have been game changing for districts and helped reorient the work of nonprofits, foundations, and policy makers.

Our goal for system reviews is to paint a detailed and objective picture of an organization’s strengths and challenges. Some clients are surprised by their depth but grateful for the detailed and candid assessment. It helps them understand the landscape of what’s happening and gain credibility with key stakeholders.

Scott Joftus, FourPoint Education Partners

Based on needs assessment  findings, we support clients to create a theory of action, clearly defining the non-negotiable elements that will drive their intended outcomes. Then, we help partners plan strategically for implementation—building capacity in key areas, allocating resources in alignment with the theory of action, and tracking mid-course indicators of success—planning for both near-term progress and long-term sustainability.

In both research and planning, we engage a broad set of stakeholders to ensure our data and recommendations represent diverse community viewpoints and position our clients to take actions that will make a lasting impact.

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