Who We Are

We are a diverse and growing team of education experts living and working across the United States.

Our Team

FourPoint’s partners and associates are expert practitioners, serving as teachers, curriculum experts, budget experts, school leaders, superintendents, state board chairs, top federal policymakers and nonprofit executives. Together, we share a passion for the success of all students – and supporting leaders in creating systems, policies and practices that lead to the outcomes they are seeking. Our tailored project teams bring deep subject-matter expertise and executive leadership experience to each of our engagements across the country.

What Matters To Us


We help our clients gain clarity about the interplay between people, programs and resources and how policies and politics affect their success.

We’ve learned through more than a decade of work in 30+ states that every education initiative is helped or hindered by the environment in which it takes place, and every environment is different. While the goal for student success may be the same, the approach must be responsive to the strengths and challenges of each community.


We are passionate about helping education leaders implement coherent strategies in pursuit of true systems change and results.

We often ask education leaders: Are you really doing what you set out to do? How do you know? Too often, the best laid plans in education are limited by unaligned or misaligned systems. Centralized reforms get watered down in implementation. Visions of school autonomy conflict with the reality of mandates. Coherence happens when leaders identify their “non-negotiables,” build the capacity of educators and administrators to deliver on them, and define and track valid measures of success.

Equity and Access

We help our clients bridge sectors and siloes to ensure that all young people have access to the systems, supports and people that keep them engaged in learning and on the path to success in college and careers.

All young people deserve a rigorous and rewarding education experience, regardless of their ability, zip code or preferences. Closing the opportunity and achievement gaps are not unrelated tasks—they go hand in hand and require a broader definition of what, where and how students learn.


As members of our client’s team, FourPoint puts relationships at the center of coherent strategies and continuous learning in organizations.

Above all else, relationships matter. Human capital is the most important resource we have to support young people in reaching their goals, but the demands of preparing students today require more than good relationships within our schools. They require strong relationships with families and across teams, departments, agencies and sectors facilitated by thoughtful and supportive networks of educators, non-profit partners and education support organizations.

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What We Do

We help education organizations build coherent strategies, equip strong leaders, enable high-quality teaching and learning, and foster continuous improvement so that all students succeed.

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