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Adobolia Buford



Adobolia Buford is a workforce development expert driven by an intrinsic passion for serving the most underserved and neglected communities. Buford has worked in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, successfully co-creating and implementing new education and career program pathways. He has been especially effective in reengaging former high school dropouts, helping them earn their diplomas and continue on to postsecondary education, training, and careers. Through his consulting services, Buford has also helped create and develop new programs that provide vocational and technical training opportunities for homeless veterans, returning citizens, and those receiving supplemental nutrition assistance.

An honorably discharged United States Army Veteran and Army Commendation Medal recipient, Adobolia served stateside and overseas, specializing in Pharmacy with an emphasis on IV Additives and Chemotherapy agents. Buford has also utilized his extensive and diverse career in the private and nonprofit sectors to negotiate executive-level contracts for asset management companies. Most recently, he has served as Director of New Business Development and Workforce Alignment for the Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET), following previous success as the Milwaukee Urban League’s Assistant Director of Education and Training. As a FourPoint Associate, Buford continues to extend the reach and impact of his programmatic workforce expertise.


  • Adult education and training
  • Workforce development and career readiness


  • Bachelor of Science, Business Management – University of Phoenix
  • Associate of Arts, Pharmaceutical Science – Academy of Health Sciences, U.S. Army

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