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Matthew Ebert



Matthew Ebert is a transformational leader with 20+ years of experience in education, primarily focused on school leadership in urban settings. He brings a fresh perspective to FourPoint engagements, having served so recently in a school setting. Matthew’s consulting is grounded in his experiences as a teacher, director of academic innovation, academy leader, and a decade of successful leadership as a public charter school principal. Throughout his leadership tenure, Matthew has developed teams that exceed expectations, consistently achieving strong results as extensions of cultivating healthy workplace environments in which individuals feel seen, heard, and valued.

In addition to helping team members consistently attain their personal and professional goals, Matthew has facilitated dramatic and consistent growth in student achievement in both Baltimore and Boston, in metrics focused on academic achievement and school climate. Matthew attributes this success to effective collaboration with students’ families and the wider community, helping them better understand how to engage with school staff and to work together to fulfill their children’s potential. 

During his leadership tenure, Matthew led school community teams in tackling complex social problems. In addition to the persistent challenges associated with the traumas of poverty, academic achievement, and learning to overcome low expectations, Matthew led his school through the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. 

Now bringing his experiences to bear as an associate with FourPoint, Matthew helps people to see the whole field and to identify their role in working towards advancement, while taking care of each other. Matthew believes people can accomplish anything with strong visions, joint commitments, human-centered systems, high expectations, and leadership that values the person before the employee. He does this work because he is certain that we are here to help each other along our individual paths. Matthew earned a BA in History from Boston University and an MA in Teaching from New York University.


  • Leadership development
  • Organizational leadership
  • School climate and culture


  • Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership from Northeastern University
  • MA in Teaching from New York University
  • BA in History from Boston University

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